Twitter Testing Disappearing Tweets ‘Fleets’, in Brazil

Twitter Disappearing Tweets – ‘Fleets’: Twitter is starting to test a new feature that vanishes tweets after 24 hours, although initially in Brazil only. The company says the short-lived tweets called fleets, designed to dispel the concerns of new users, who might be turned off by the public and permanent nature of normal tweets.

Twitter Fleets cannot be retweeted, and not get ‘likes’. Users may respond, but the replies appear as direct messages to the original tweeter, not as a public reaction, it’s turning into a private conversation rather than a public discussion.

Despite high-profile users like US President Donald Trump, Twitter has wrapped up user growth and advertising revenue behind other tech powerhouses like Facebook and Google. Twitter hopes by offering disappearing tweets, users will like to share casual, everyday thoughts, and to do so more often.

Twitter’s new feature is suggestive of Instagram posts, Facebook Stories, and Snapchat’s snaps, which let users post short-lived photos and messages. Such features are increasingly popular with social media users looking for smaller groups and private chats.

But Twitter often serves a different function than Instagram or Facebook, acting as a platform for politicians and other public figures. Disappearing tweets could make it more difficult to keep certain people responsible, to track their messages.

Twitter said it carries fleets to other countries depending on how the test is performed in Brazil. The company blog post said Twitter is looking at how the new feature affects the way of engaging and it helps you to share your thoughts more easily.

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