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Top Smart Gadgets for Home in 10K Range

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot is the market’s cheapest speaker. It can do anything that other speakers allowed by Alexa can do. If you’re interested to buy smart speakers, this is a great one to start with.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot Price: Rs. 2799

  • Meet Echo Dot, our most common cloth-designed smart and improved sound speaker. It is our smart speaker that fits perfectly into small spaces.
  • Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control smart home devices and more when your hands are full.
  • Works with compatible smart home devices – Echo Dot supports hundreds of Samsung, Wipro, Syska, TP-Link and more smart home devices.
  • Designed with multiple layers of privacy protection and controls, including a microphone-off button that disconnects microphones electronically.
  • Alexa also gets smarter and adds new features and abilities such as booking a cab, ordering food, playing games and more.
  • It is available in Black, White and Gray colors.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Clock

This is doing more than just telling you the time and waking you up with the Google Assistant. Designed to reduce screen time for Smartphone at night, it can help you relax and better sleep. It can run your smart home as well, play your favorite music in the home, manage your schedule, and more. To get going, just say “OK Google”.

Lenovo Smart Clock Price: Rs. 5999


HP OMEN Mindframe Gaming Headset

The OMEN Mindframe is the world’s first headset with active ear-cup cooling technology, designed with ultimate comfort at the forefront. You’re going to stay calm, relaxed and concentrated for longer, even if the competition is getting hot.

HP Omen Headset

Omen Mindframe Gaming Headset Price: Rs. 8999

  • 1 VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND: With realistic positional sound and 3D spatial awareness, all enemy footsteps and silenced weapons can be reliably detected in real-time.
  • Portable RGB LIGHTING: stand out with adjustable lighting and external earcup effects, all regulated through the OMEN Command Center.
  • SELF-ADJUSTING SUSPENSION HEADBAND: Designed with a lightweight and flexible frame, the self-adjusting headband will keep your head in the game for hours.
  • ATHLETICS-INSPIRED FABRIC: Earcup cushions are made of breathable, moisturizing fabric that maintains them cool and dry during extended use.
  • POWERED BY OMEN COMMAND CENTER: FrostCap control engineering and OMEN Command Center configuration of RGB lighting.
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