Google Photos Format Loophole: Free Unlimited ‘Original Quality’ Storage for iPhone

Google Photos is a particularly successful Mountain View software and company, based in California, offering users cloud storage and photo backups. If you’re willing to let Google Photos app compact your images a little, space is unlimited and your pictures of ‘ high quality ‘ don’t count towards your cloud storage limit. If you have an iPhone, then you can take advantage of a loophole format which allows you unlimited storage at the resolution of ‘original value,’ which is not the case with most other smartphones.

The Apple iPhone series can take advantage of a provision that allows users to store unlimited photos at an original resolution on Google Photos Format, according to a user’s Reddit post u/ stephenvsawyer. Apple iPhone models can save images in HEIC format, so compression by Google will actually increase the image file size.

Therefore, these files need not be compressed by Google and can be backed up directly as they are. Therefore, images are simply backed up at the resolution of ‘original quality,’ even if the consumer has chosen compressed backups. This is not especially true of videos-which are still backed up at 1080p.

Surprisingly, this feature is not available for the new Google Pixel 4 series, and is the first in the Pixel series to do away with a feature that was one of the key selling points for earlier Pixel phones. Whereas older devices still enjoy free lifetime backups at their original resolution, the facility has not been expanded to new Pixel smartphone buyers.

The loophole for iPhones only works when you save photos in the HEIC format, when you back up to Google, users who opt for images in JPG format will have their images compressed. Users of all phones can back up their photos at original resolution, but they will count towards the account’s Google storage limit. Now, Google provides 15 GB of free cloud space per account for all services like Google Photos Download, upload, log in and etc. But, by subscription only users can buy additional space.

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