Google Pay (Tez) App Working on a New Gold Gifting Option

Google Pay application was formerly known as Google Tez, created for customers in India. It is a unified payment platform.

Earlier this year, Google announced the ability to sell and buy gold via the Google Pay application. Google becomes a partner with an internationally recognized metal and mining service provider MMTC-PAMP to bring this functionality.

Currently, Goole is planning to add a new feature to the Google Pay (Tez) app. This feature will help to gift gold to others, XDA developer said. New Google Pay Gold Gifting Option is going to be spot inside the app version of v48.0.001_RC03. However, there is no clarity on whether this feature will be rolled out to Google Pay users and how will it work.

Google Pay (Tez) for India introduced an option to purchase gold in April 2019. Google had partnered with MMTC-PAMP India to allow users to buy 99.99% 24 karat gold from within the Google Pay (Tez) app.

This app allowed users to buy any amount of gold in any (Digital and Physical) form. These purchases are claimed to be 100% insured. Users can sell their purchased gold with the latest price, which is refreshed in 1 minute.

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