Google Chrome Gets Pixel’s Live Caption Feature

Google Live Caption

Google Chrome Update: If we are to believe in a certain commit on the Chromium Gerrit, then we might soon see the Live Caption feature making its way to computers. The feature initially introduced as Google Pixel 4 exclusive, and is believed to be under development, we may see it on the Google Chrome browser shortly. For those who don’t know, Live Caption proves to be handy in noisy environments as it automatically captions the media playing on your smartphone. As of now, Live Caption is only available for the English language on Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3a, and Google Pixel 4 devices running android 10.

According to the code carried out on Chromium Gerrit, it looks like developers at Google are planning to bring the Live Caption feature to the Chrome browser. This commitment is for the Speech On-Device API(SODA) service, and it includes all the components needed to start the service, although it is still in its early development stage. The description says, “This CL provides a sandboxed framework that hosts the Speech On Device API (SODA). It contains the components needed from the renderer process to start service, but the service itself tubbed out. The specification guide for the feature is in: go/chrome-live-captions.

Looking at the commitments, Live Caption (Google Chrome Update) appears to be making its way through the Chrome browser to desktops. Users can simply use this feature to transcribe on the Web videos, podcasts, or any other media content. But, then again Google on its part hasn’t confirmed anything officially. So we’ll suggest you take all of this with a grain of salt and hope that the feature becomes available for the Web in its stable form shortly.

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