COVA Punjab Mobile App Launched to Spread Coronavirus Awareness

In a proposition to sensitive people how to deal with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Punjab Chief Secretary Karan Avtar Singh launched the ‘COVA Punjab’ mobile app on Monday.

COVA stands for Corona Virus Alert and developed by the Government Reforms and Public Grievances Department in collaboration with the Health & Family Welfare Department to increase awareness through the sharing of various traveling and preventive care advisories.

The Punjab Chief Secretary said that this application offers the option to citizens for checking virus symptoms from time to time and following the advice given thereafter. The COVA Punjab app advises the nearest hospital and nodal officer of the district, where the citizen can reach in-case he found any coronavirus symptoms.

Vini Mahajan, Additional Chief Secretary Governance Reforms said, the COVA Punjab mobile app provides information need to aware to prevent themselves and their family members from the COVID-19 virus.

COVA Punjab Mobile App Launched

She said this app available at the Android Play Store and iOS App Store with the name COVA Punjab. Also advised to keep this app on their phones so that they can be informed on various government advisories at the earliest.

Principal Secretary, Health, Anurag Aggarwal said the citizens shared with regular updates and instructions passed by the government from time to time via this mobile app. This app also provides real-time counter with a dynamic map, which will keep citizens updated about the status of the spread of coronavirus in the state.

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