Apple AR Headset May Launch in 2020

Apple tends to almost double on Augmented Reality (AR). To support a large range of AR applications, the Cupertino giant already has its ARKit. But it is claimed that Apple will introduce its much-anticipated AR headset in 2020. The company is apparently planning to allow its AR headset to work with the iPhone in tandem to display text messages, emails, maps, and even games. It is also said to have started hiring experts in the fields of graphics and game development in order to make their new offerings on the market successful.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is trying to succeed with its AR application where Google Glass failed years ago. The business is said to have seen its headset as an App Store, similar to how it already offers its Apple TV and Apple Watch in a dedicated app store. The latest report by Bloomberg confirms what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo forecast earlier this month in a research note. Kuo said someday in the second quarter of 2020, Apple will release its AR headset in collaboration with third parties.

Earlier this year, a patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Mark Office (USPTO) in August 2018 was spotted implying the design of Apple AR Headset. “Systems, graphical and method user interfaces for interacting with Augmented and Virtual Reality environments,” reads the definition in the patent filing.

In addition to the AR headset, Bloomberg states that Apple is working on a new iPhone model with a “much beefier processor” and a 3D camera design on the rear in 2020.

Analyst Kuo said in his July report, citing supply chain sources that the Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3D sensors would feature the 2020 iPhone models. It is also suggested that next year the company will bring 5G support to its portfolio of iPhones.

Also included in the Bloomberg report is that Apple plans to bring a new model with sleep monitoring features from Apple Watch. Similarly, custom processors are available on new Mac computers. Through custom processors, the company would allow a longer battery life.

All this shows that 2020 is going to be an important year not only for Apple but also for many of its fans who foresee developments like the AR headset and the all-new iPhone. The company’s new offerings could also push competitors to elevate their existing products and join the emerging AR world.

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