AirPods Pro with Noise Cancellation Launching in India

If a new tip by project developer Ben Geskin is to be believed, then the AirPods Pro can be introduced this week. The AirPods Pro’s main attraction is that according to reports so far, they will feature noise canceling. For a few good reasons, Apple’s new AirPods recently created quite a buzz. Bloomberg reported the launch of the AirPods Pro in 2019 and a report last week claimed that by the end of this month, Apple could announce the truly wireless earbuds.

Based on last week’s China Economic Daily report and a couple of days ago tweet from Ben Geskin, Apple could very well reveal this week’s AirPods Pro. The earphones are likely to have a quiet US release, and Apple could also announce its availability in other countries, with India believed to be among them.

Geskin, who has been known for making iPhone sketches in the past, said in a recent tweet that the AirPods Pro will be shown at a Tuesday or Wednesday event or session with journalists. He added that this week the earphones will also go on sale, but taking the tip with a pinch of salt would be wise.

It is expected that AirPods Pro will be Apple’s highest wireless earbuds yet. The AirPods Pro Price will be higher than USD 260, which converts to around Rs 18,000, based on recent news. The AirPods Pro will come with a new metal design and noise cancellation. In addition, it is rumored that the earbuds come with water resistance, improved battery life and among other items, “Hey Siri” support.

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